“Bundaberg Athletic Club & West Bundaberg Little Athletics”

Bundaberg has much to offer, the lifestyle is laid back, with the coastal fringe. Located in South East Queensland. Only 15 minutes away from Bagara, where the ocean is at our front door.

I am passionate about living a balanced lifestyle, and I believe that Bundaberg Athletic Club offers young ones to participate and get out from the inside and move like we are encouraged to do.

As a Media Student I have decided to follow the progress of this club and am excited that I will be attending on August 24 their annual sign-up.

“Come & Try/Sign on/Transition Evening – Friday 24th August from 6pm on. This club has two annual sign-up days which occurred last night and will occur finally next Friday.

The Vice President of the Club James BulBert stated: 

“I can’t tell you the exact numbers but the projection of people was double the amount of what we anticipated”

The excitement of this tells me that our young people are eager to get out and learn what it is that they would like to pursue. Some may be good at discus, high-jump, running or whatever field they choose. Does that mean that they will become a huge success and represent Australia on the World stage? No, but it gives the opportunity for them to purse a passion that they may not have realised.

The official season for this club will start soon, I encourage everyone that is interested in this event, to contact the club via website, http://bundabergathlecticclub.org.au/ or email bundabergathleticclub@gmail.com and when you visit the page contact numbers are directly on the page on “Contact Us”

Photo by Tim Gouw on Pexels.com

I am excited and honoured to promote this club, follow the season and publish photos as the weeks go by.

Here goes another season for 2018!


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