Bundaberg Athletic Club & West Bundaberg Athletics

The Bundaberg Athletic Club is a fine example of what Bundaberg has to offer in Queensland. We are located in the South-East. Part of the charm of this city is to offer families the opportunity to raise their family in a laid back climate were the beach is only 15 minutes away.

As one knows through this blog, I am passionate in living a balanced lifestyle. This club gives the opportunity for “our little ones” and those older to find out what their passion may be in athletics.
I love the fact that there is no pressure to execute a driven passion as such. Instead it gives the opportunity to move and grow outside. As children growing up we always after school would make our own fun, outdoors. Unfortunately this has changed. Many kids today are spending too much time indoors. That’s why this club is exciting!
They do have two annual sign-up’s each year. Their first sign-up was last night.

I contacted the Vice President of the Club, Mr James Bulbert and asked how the night went, his quote was:

“I can’t tell you the exact numbers that signed up last night, but what I can say is that the projection of numbers was double of previous years”

This provides the opportunity, for myself to follow this club and am excited to say that I have been kindly invited to attend Next Friday night’s sign-up on August 24. I will get to see with my own eyes what this club is all about. What I already know excites me enough to follow the season through.

I encourage anyone to visit their website:

http://bundabergathlecticclub.org.au/ or
email on: bundabergathleticclub@gmail.com

On their website you will see a “Contact” tab which will give you the phone numbers if you would like to directly contact a member of the committee.

Personally, I am excited and honoured that I have been given the chance to report, publish photos, videos and interview parents, children and the Committee members.
A fine season for 2018 begins, and this year I will follow the journey of this club!!!
(by Lina-Raudino-Grosso)

Italia Tragedy.. The Human Face

The Bridge Collapse …. “Why”

The collapse of the Bridge in Genoa, is still hurting

News can deliver in one minute and then another headline will come through and another tragedy hits.

It is too early to say “How” this happened, it may be too early to even ask “Why” but families are hurting…..

We mourn as a mother, father, brother, sister and family in general. We do have news which is local and that needs attention. I believe we do have the responsibility to find out though in time “why another tragedy that looks like could have been avoided?” I certainly am not claiming to know, as the Italian government is looking at it.

The picture below though, show’s the human face of this tragedy and sometimes pictures say more than words.

Face of Italia Bridge Collapse

Be Kind

Lina Grosso

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PAIN… What is it?


The one thing that I have not shared is the fact that I live and suffer with chronic pain. It is not something that I announce in general. To stay true to this site, I would like to be honest as anyone that has touched base has.

This is a condition that I have had since I was 15. It is called RSD CRPS. I am following this via my Facebook account and also twitter. The more information we have on this the less people need to suffer. I recently had ketamine treatment for this which gave myself a reprieve from pain. If I can do this 2-3 times a year for 2-3 weeks, it can only enrich my life and those also of others. Looking after ones’ self is so important. BALANCE is the key. When you need to rest, rest. We all need in life to take time out, and I do this as best as I can. BUT that is when you know if you have friends. You see, people such as myself generally don’t make plans, because if the pain is bad, I have to cancel. Some “friends” have gone, but are they friends? I would say not. It is a day to day struggle but with grit, determination and self-care I will fight hard to get the most of what we call today “Life”

It really is a condition that I would not like anyone to have. You can dwell on it and do nothing, or move up and beyond!

The following quote was sourced from pinterest. It simply states:

Tonight, I Give Up

The Medicine isn’t working…….

(sleep is on the agenda, but it’s just not going to happen. Tonight, I’m done worrying about tomorrow, I give up all the plans that I had to try to make it great. I’m giving up on stressing when I know I can’t change it.


I’m scarred, and I’m different from everyone else, but my chronic illness it not a dead end, it’s just speed bumps that I have to work through.