Melbourne Life – a new chapter

The decision to move to Melbourne was huge for me. I honestly did not know a couple of months ago whether I was making the biggest mistake of my life or making best decision of my life. Life certainly changes, with that you have to take risks.. for me the risk was taking a bet on myself; can I adapt to city living or stay in a regional town that was home for many years?

“Was I about to make the biggest mistake of my life?”

I’ve come to realise that no matter how old you get, you learn. I have quickly learnt that I have had to face my fears or loose myself completely. One of the biggest fears for me was driving in the city. I have the worst sense of direction, and yes, lack self-confidence to drive. I don’t know why that is, but I have had to ‘self-talk’ and just drive! I’m doing well… 🙂

My next objective was to find myself after loosing myself years ago. I don’t regret the past but I believe it has actually helped me in the next phase of my life. I do know if I had done it earlier I would not have been ready, and if later missed the chance to do so. Things in life happen for reasons that we don’t know, but I believe the reason for me, was simply ‘coming home’

“coming home”

“Home is in your heart, knowing you can fall and those you love will have your back! This does not necessarily mean ‘blood related’.

Melbourne is full of culture, it has some of the most beautiful restaurants, places and night life to enjoy. I have enjoyed since I have arrived seeing the sights of the city, bush walking, ice-skating and more. Life has changed!

One of the defining moments, or realisation was that it would be fine to be and not change or conform to what some would say the ‘city look’. I realised that staying true to myself was the key. One family member said to me earlier when I arrived that “I needed to update my wardrobe as it wasn’t the same as Bundaberg!”. It actually was difficult to hear that. I thought “what is wrong with the way I dress???” I figured out quite quickly that it was one person’s view and what mattered was staying true to me on the inside.

The inside of a person is what truly matters, It has meant that travelling 2000 km from what was once home was truly only a matter of pure geography. I always have tried to push myself and take chances and yes, like all have insecurities. The key to change – determination, self-belief and breaking the comfort zone of living a familiar life,I do believe that at some stage in life we can be guilty of this….

This chapter of my life has only begun, and I know that 2020 is a huge year. I haven’t forgotten the ones that I have left behind, in fact I miss some even more.I have secured full-time work, plan to do part-time university in March, continue re-connecting with my family, and yes nurturing a new relationship. Life is not about getting through a book in one setting, life is about turning the page and creating the next chapter in your life! I’m looking forward to seeing what the next one is!!!

“Written by Lina Raudino”

Contact me on twitter @Nucha73637221, alternatively on Instagram linsitaliaus

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