Who has the right to judge?

There is so much that I have shared nearly 12 months ago when I decided to try and create a site that would give anyone the chance to think about life and life’s choices.

This post is very straightforward and says what I have been wanting to say for a long time; Lina being honest!

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“Don’t Judge”

There is no right or wrong in life. We are here to live a life that has been granted to us, a gift. As humans we have a tendency to think we know the best, because our “calculation on what life is about” is the right way… WRONG!

Who has the right to question anything we do? Who has the right to question anything we say?

Who has the right?

People go about day to day life and they make do with the best of a bad situation. What really get’s me going is that people judge. People assume. People are gossips.

With anything in life the ability to judge others is not our right. Am I perfect? Is any advice I give the right one? No. BUT I respect people’s way of living, talking, and decisions. I don’t have to agree with it, but I DONT judge it, I RESPECT it….

Photo by Samir Belhamra @Grafixart_photo on Pexels.com

“Don’t judge, live your life”

The right to judge is not ours, in fact the only person that can judge is you, in your life. Judging others based on your criteria not only hurts but can really damage another individual’s journey in life. The power of the tongue…”think before you speak!”

So while some go along life and gossip, thinking they know what is going on in someone’s life… STOP! How would you like it if you saw someone coming out of a car with a disability sticker and walked normally? Instant gut reaction? “Is that their sticker, doesn’t look like there is anything wrong with them!” Another example, someone who is ‘larger’ and you see them in public eating a burger and assume that’s why they are heavier? Is that right? No.

The fact is you have no right to judge the life of others. Concentrate on your own life. If people spent less time judging others, the world would be a ‘more forgiving’ place.

DONT JUDGE – Its rude, hurtful, unnecessary and simple there is no need for it.

“Don’t judge the steps of others, as we have not been in their shoes, concentrate on your own life”

So if this post has got you questions whether we do inadvertently judge others, well I’m glad. If this post still gives your thought pattern to judge others? Nothing will change your mind. I do believe though is that when you find yourself in a situation you never thought about, the one that you judged others on… well then your realise that you don’t have the right to judge anyone!!!

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Written by Lina Raudino, Photos sourced from media library and personal collection

“Take care and tell those you care about it you love them”