The way we change… 2019 – “let this year be your year to shine!”

Its been some time that I have put a piece of writing together, reflecting this morning on this, I wondered why. I then spoke to someone and realised I have nothing to be worried about, just be me, so my inspiration comes from that….

Its January 6,2019 – “The New Years Resolution” time.. For me, I dont make them, my personal choice, I call them goals. What I have decided though its time for me to spread my wings and take a chance on, ME. I’ve been scared most of my life but this year, I will face my fear!


accuracy afternoon alarm clock analogue
“Its all about timing, is this your year the time to shine? -It is for me!!”


Studying to succeed is not a given. You earn the right to get your degree. Head down and work hard. It takes sacrafice, patience, long nights but I believe the timing is now right. It will help me reach my ideal goals of work and travel

I dont even have a passport. First goal, passport. To get the passport I need to afford it, so you find work. Then you start saving, saving for my goal to travel in between terms this year. In Australian we have three full terms that run each 12 weeks, with a break of three. So if I calculate that, for 36 weeks I study, and find work. I then equate that too nine weeks off. The only trick is that I need to prepare for next term in that three weeks! Can it be achieved?YES, you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.


selective focus photography of person holding passport with ticket
“Cant travel without one of these, tick, by the end of January”


I believe with enough determination, persistance and positivity you can do anything you set your mind too. Being true to me, I may have an off day, who doesnt? I may have a painful day? Who doesn’t.

If someone doesnt have a bad day, please let me know what that cure is (lol) – to contact form is below.

I’m not a dreamer anymore, “I will achieve”. The only thing that will stop me from achieving my dream is the “almighty dollar”. But I have kind of figured that I’m not one to want for much.


black camera on white poster
“to achieve, you need $$ but I’m planning too get my job”


As long as I can eat, rest, shower, I dont need for anything. I need time to study and work, but that I can do in the right surroundings, which I am making happen this fortnight..

At the end of the day, only we can control our destiny, only we can make the “unimaginable” happen. Could my goal not happen? Yes. But if it does, try harder next time. We all have one life to live, and at forty-two, I’m now finally ready to live life on my terms, not others, mine.

My circumstances in life are not what I imagined, are yours? Do we pretend that we have a perfect house with no problems in the world, projecting that out to fit in with the “Jones?” of course some do. Those people though, I believe are the saddest. You can project all that you want, but your heart, emotions, only you know what they are.


person writing on white book
“to achieve, you must plan”


Hence, I will project that yes, I’m not perfect, in fact I’ve made more mistakes that I care to remember! Am I a victim? NO. Am I failure? NO. Am I ever going to be right? NO.

BUT I will be “me”, if you like it, your more than welcome to see me me succeed, if you think i’m putting too much pressure on myself, thankyou but I thrive on positivity.

I may failure, but with positivity around me, surrounding myself with the right people, I dont mind failure with the right support!!


grey felt journal to do list on a white desk
“to achieve, you need a plan and people with positive vibes”



This is MY time. This is my moment. This is time to indulge in what I’ve wanted for so long, to travel. My bucket list will be ticked. Canada, NewYork, Italy and the greek Islands, just to start… there are many more.

Ive learnt so much about myself since knee surgery, and yes, not that I have disclosed went into multiple organ failure in August and nearly lost my life. BUT I didnt, so that is another part of what it is, “my past”.

I have made “new goals this year” that I have shared with two special people in my life, thanks Rohan and Caritta…. you both inspire me with your courage, your belief in me, and getting fit in the mind and body. Time to shine, time to put aside the negativity and focus on the positivity.. “Our year to shine”

Really who has succeeded without positivity??

As always “hug each other” tell each other “I love you” and if you forget, it’s okay, nothing is too late… LET 2019 be your year to shine..


“bring on 2019!” (taken in May,2018)


(Written by Lina-Raudino-Grosso)

(Pictures sourced from google library & personal collection)





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