Are we our own worst critic?

I am sitting here at midnight and contemplating the next three months and how to cope with a full-time study load, along with other “integral” part of well-being which exercises, having coffee with a friend and chilling the way, “Can I fit it all in?”

It was interesting this evening as, I was in messenger, talking to a friend of over twenty-five years. The way we came back into each other’s life is surreal!!!


anchor couple fingers friends
“we may have lost years, but we are still the same!!”


I was chatting to her about my marks back from University this past term, and I said I got ###. She said to me that “I am too hard on myself!” and I believe I am. The best part is always continuing striving and moving forward. Not easy when there are complications in life.

We all live busy lives, we all need to work, study or do what it is for short-term stress to a bigger picture… I don’t know, all I know I am a person that continually evaluates my personality, not because I would change “me”. I do it continually as I would never want to hurt someone with a word that may have been said out of my sarcastic humor and make someone feel uncomfortable. “Being my wost own critic” I do wonder at time.

A short and sweet blog post for today.


alberta amazing attraction banff
“My studies will change my life so I can reach my goals”



2 thoughts on “Are we our own worst critic?

  1. Be proud of yourself and your achievements every day.. Even if some days that achievement is just getting out of bed.. Coz some days you just don’t want to or think you are able to. xx


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