Managing University Studies while in Hospital

It has been some time since I have placed a reflective message on my domain. Thanks to anyone that is following this journey in life…

gray double bell clock
‘have not forgotten the kind people that follow my site’

In saying that I presented to the emergency department on September 9. It was not something that I wanted to do, my thoughts are that I truly appreciate the work that nurses and doctors do in the ER but like anyone, it is not a place I like to go in.

person putting bandages on another person s knee
‘i promise my legs are not as hair as this!’

Those that do follow me know that I believe in “balance” – well that is ironic as my balance to some extent has placed me in the situation that I am in. Weeks ago I was walking, as I do, 4 times a week for an hour. This particular afternoon (I either give 110% or I am my worst critic), 20 minutes into my walk my right knee kind of went underneath me. I thought I had not warmed up enough. I continued to walk. Doing this was the wrong thing to do.

In short, I have been in hospital since September 12, at the Friendlies Society Private hospital. The week prior I had all my assignments sorted, in the sense that I was organised in the way I would approach my assignments from 2 units. That decision went out the window.

design desk display eyewear
‘literally nearly a picture of me doing my studies in bed with that same station’

Pain, as I have stated, is hard, but doing university assignments in hospital, is a ‘stress’ that I have never experienced, nor do I wish to experience again!! I was fortunate enough to gain a medical certificate from my surgeon, extension for assessments. The problem is that you don’t want to extend too much, as 2 final assessments are then due sooner that one would like! 

In saying this, reflecting on this time, I have learned not too panic, be kinder to myself, and work through my assessments with the kind support of the nurses in the hospital, who obviously know what the stress of university can do to you.

I am scheduled for surgery tomorrow and will be in rehabilitation for 6 weeks. Knowing this is bittersweet. I am really glad that I will finally have my knee sorted out but I am anxious to go home, to be with my family.

‘missing my baby boy.. Kuga’


‘when Kuga bear become part of our family, so small, and I was so big!’
‘perfect photo, the other man in my life of 12 years, behind is our family in our bookcase, some are far away, but never forgotten’



At 42, you learn. When you think you have things all worked out, you realise there is still so much to learn… the beauty in life…

Thanks to those who know me personally and have supported me during this time. I don’t put things of a personal nature on Facebook. Too much attention is not what I like. In saying that this domain site allows me to voice what has been a rough journey over the last week and a half…..


(Hope your day is being kind to you, as I say, remember to tell your loved ones that you love them, hold them close as they are the ones that are there for you no matter what)




4 thoughts on “Managing University Studies while in Hospital

    1. Thanks for that Nick, we all have hurdles and we both will overcome it!!!!! It has been tough, but the support of my fellow student, is great, thanks heaps!!! If you ever need to bounce any ideas mate, never hesitate!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Nick never underestimate how we all have our struggles, I dont mind y9our whinging!!! In fact I’m here as a friend and fellow uni student. Here for you if you need help 🙂


    3. Nick, never forget you got this too, sure it was tough but i know you would have gone through “tough” as well, will always have your back in studies!!! what do they “We got this”


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