Annual Registration for the Bundaberg Athletic Club Lights up the Night!

The Bundaberg Athletic club came together on August 24 for their annual sign up for potential athletes. Situated on University Drive, Bundaberg. Family event and exciting to see.

‘the view of the Bundaberg Athletic club’

The Wide Bay region is lucky to have a club that offers world-class tracks for use in all aspects of athletics and invites children, teenagers and people with disabilities to participate. The club relies on volunteers and grants to keep each season going.

“the Bundaberg athletic club is proud that the surface used for athletes are the same conditions as those of the Olympic games”


New members appreciated the environment and atmosphere on the night. Lights were on, little ones in their club shirts were excited, having the opportunity to talk to friends.

“community spirit shines through as these are volunteers that talk to prospective new athletes, volunteering their time, not only for tonight but during the season”


I was kindly shown around the venue and to my delight, was made aware that all forms of athletics are available in the wide bay region. The microphone was going on through the night, which added to the nice feel of the event. Their mascot was priceless; children kept going to him wanting to know who this person was. Beautiful to see the happiness of children running around laughing.

‘”Vice President Mr James Bulbert with the club mascot’

One mother was happy to have a quick chat and stated, “I love coming even when it is not sign-up because I have the opportunity to see friends”. She was kind enough to express this through this video.

The club began in 1956 and substantially has grown. Everyone is welcome. The season runs from 2018 to 2019 from August to April. The current members of the club are 175 and with the sign-up forty-two additionals for this season. The Tiny Tots pay $50.00 per year, and those from 6-17 pay $100.00. A passion-driven club is clear to see tonight. The volunteer coaches show up three times a week for a chance to help athletes fulfill their dreams.

“all this expensive equipment is stored safely in offseason and then again with volunteers start the August 2018-April 2019 season”


“when the season starts the stands are full with spectators”

A club that attracts members and includes all is not an amateur club. The running track that is available in Bundaberg is the same conditions that the world’s best runners run on, which includes the Olympic games. Vice President Mr Bulbert said, “Rheed McCracken started at the club around ten years of age, and we are excited as he is part of the AusParalympics and won silver and bronze for his country “. Rheed McCracken is a fine example of what the Bundaberg Athletics Club is all about.

‘a clear image that all athletes are inclusive, Rheed McCracken got his start on this track!”

capture rheed twitter

Capture 2 rheed



This club lacks media exposure. They currently have a website and Facebook page contact. I encourage everyone to visit their site.

Links below:



My desire to report on this event has left me surprised. Because of this night, I am now volunteering to help the club boost their presence in the community. The committee is appreciative, knowing I will follow this season through my blog. My eyes were lit up as a proud Bundaberg citizen on a cold Friday night.

capture bundaberg pride

(Written by Lina-Raudino-Grosso)

Photos were taken by Lina-Raudino-Grosso.

Video recorded by Lina-Raudino-Grosso.

Imagery sourced from Bundaberg Athletic club website.

(I would kindly like to thank The Bundaberg Athletic Club for taking time out of this event and  making me feel so welcome)


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