Reflection on Mental Illness

I sit here on a Friday morning at 6.00 am and wonder why there still is a stigma around mental illness? We have days like “R U OK” & “Beyond Blue” and more but still people are scared to come out for fear of “what will people think?”

I find that as a nation we need to finally give the recognition of what this illness is part of any illness such as; diabetes, heart conditions, pain etc. I know we have made a progress, but it still requires courage to say “I am not well”, I need help.

When someone exhibits any forms of “depression”, don’t be afraid to ask if there is something wrong! Go on your gut instinct. Your question could impact on the life of one person who thinks that no-one cares!


woman looking at sea while sitting on beach
“You are not alone”

I am passionate about this subject. I used to be a volunteer crisis support worker on the lines of ‘Lifeline’ and let me say, it is a eye-opening and humbled opportunity to do this. I know I am unable to this right now. It is my goal to go back on the phones.l

Please visit the website link below”

Website for lifeline

There are so many forms of ‘mental illness’ but yet people don’t understand how alone people are. Aged people especially if the have lost a partner are in a world of trouble. You then have those young ones that ring and share a story of bullying or self-harm, do we as a society recognise that we need to step in early so this does not become a cycle of relapse etc.

It has been more than a privilege to be on the lines of Lifeline and I would encourage anyone that has a desire to volunteer their time, to do it! In saying that it not for everyone. Some situations that people are in on these lines are very sad and yes, it takes someone who has the capacity to help to deal with this. Lifeline though has a good education and pre-requisite training that MUST be undertaken. You need to learn on how to deal with certain calls, but more importantly on how to look after your own self-care. Self-Care is critical. Balance is necessary. You cannot help others if you are not in the right frame of mind yourself, or family circumstances are not ideal.

If after reading this post has made you feel alone and want to talk to someone, please remember you are not alone and make that call………………

black white and green phones
“make that call if in crisis”

Call 000 if in a emergency or call

Lifeline on 13 11 14



(Written by Lina-Raudino-Grosso)

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