Bundaberg Athletic Club & West Bundaberg Athletics

The Bundaberg Athletic Club is a fine example of what Bundaberg has to offer in Queensland. We are located in the South-East. Part of the charm of this city is to offer families the opportunity to raise their family in a laid back climate were the beach is only 15 minutes away.

As one knows through this blog, I am passionate in living a balanced lifestyle. This club gives the opportunity for “our little ones” and those older to find out what their passion may be in athletics.
I love the fact that there is no pressure to execute a driven passion as such. Instead it gives the opportunity to move and grow outside. As children growing up we always after school would make our own fun, outdoors. Unfortunately this has changed. Many kids today are spending too much time indoors. That’s why this club is exciting!
They do have two annual sign-up’s each year. Their first sign-up was last night.

I contacted the Vice President of the Club, Mr James Bulbert and asked how the night went, his quote was:

“I can’t tell you the exact numbers that signed up last night, but what I can say is that the projection of numbers was double of previous years”

This provides the opportunity, for myself to follow this club and am excited to say that I have been kindly invited to attend Next Friday night’s sign-up on August 24. I will get to see with my own eyes what this club is all about. What I already know excites me enough to follow the season through.

I encourage anyone to visit their website:

http://bundabergathlecticclub.org.au/ or
email on: bundabergathleticclub@gmail.com

On their website you will see a “Contact” tab which will give you the phone numbers if you would like to directly contact a member of the committee.

Personally, I am excited and honoured that I have been given the chance to report, publish photos, videos and interview parents, children and the Committee members.
A fine season for 2018 begins, and this year I will follow the journey of this club!!!
(by Lina-Raudino-Grosso)

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