July 31 – The Concert

July 31 – The Concert As you know I have been waiting to see the musician which is Miss Celine Dion. I have been following this lady since I was 15. Myself and a friend travelled from Bundaberg, QLD to Brisbane. We decided to do this in two days… sure we are young enough!!


Hell no!!!! Never again…..


The concert itself was incredible, it was something that is a once in a lifetime experience. I would not change this at all. 

Now the truth….. 🙂

We travelled to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, thinking “plenty of time”, what we think and what we end up doing are so different. TRAFFIC!!! OMG… that’s when you appreciate and think well living in a smaller city, which has the beach, parks and family is great. But there I go again… So we got there, it was cold, like, really cold. Wanted to look great so who needs a jacket?? Yep, me. But that is only the beginning. As we were late along with half of Brisbane, we decided to grab a wine before going in. Now here is were it gets ridiculously stupid!!! As the supporting act had already started we decided to grab 1 drink of wine and carefully with the navigation of the usher and make our way down the stairs.. no drama, walk down. Well, let’s say, it did not go according to plan.

As we were carefully trying to get down the stairs, little clutch in hand, with a wine in the other. We took one step at a time. My friend, she was all over it. Me? Well after I nearly tumbled down the first time, regained my composure I did it again! It was not my fault!! The stairs were uneven, I did not hear my friend say that, so that’s it. Except imagine if you are seeing two ladies walking down, one stumbling down with wine, they would of that ‘she may have had one too many’. So, when I did manage my way down and finally sit down, that’s when the drink went down a BIG treat!!!

In saying all of that, she was wonderful. Funny, entertaining, a voice that really is a once in a lifetime voice. She did a rendition of “The Voice” by our Johnny… A beautiful bunch of people, piano, violins, etc. The backdrop was amazing. I question though “Would I do it again?” and the answer is simple, NO. Sometimes I believe memories are beautiful, lets move onto another one and see what that comes up with. I love my music, as my blog states, it empowers you through the good and bad times. This was my time, and I enjoyed it was a beautiful friend…. 


2018 - Celine Dion
“Old time photo, ready for the show!”


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