“The journey in life”


My name is Lina Raudino, my passion in life is to reflect on our experiences and share them with others. Life delivers many unexpected surprises, experiences, hopes, dreams and challenges, all of these give you time to reflect on who you are.

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My key belief in life is “do what you love, take each day as it comes, there is always tomorrow”

I am a simple person who like to invest my time into the moments that help change us and share it with others. 
My life, is my journey.
Each day priorities change, plans don’t always go according to plan, but my philosophy is” 

‘there is always tomorrow’

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Please feel free to contact me via my links. Any questions about any subject will always be responded too.

I hope you enjoy reading some posts that vary from subject matter; some of the information is light news, some is of deeper nature. The importance of my site is that all are my articles are my thoughts.

My personality will shine in my posts. I want to be authentic and stay true to who I am.

This site covers diverse subjects, time to reflect and ponder life’s lessons

As the author of this site I encourage anyone to look at blog posts and comment on what I have produced…….

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